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Photos & Presentations
12/19/2019 Annual Year-In-Review Round Table Discussion


12/18/2018 Annual Year-In-Review Round Table Disscusion


9/13/2018 Dynamex Presentation

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2/8/2018 HTC Annual Litigation Program

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12/5/2017 HTC 2017 Year-In-Review photos


8/18/2017 HTC Night at the Races


3/17/2017 HTC St Patricts day Golf Tournament


12/15/2016 HTC 2016 Year In Review

11/10/2016 Cameron Roberts Hanjin Update presentation

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9/22/2016 Harbor Transportation Club Annual Harbor Cruise

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8/12/2016 HTC Night at the Races Fund Raiser


5/12/2016 Cameron Roberts SOLAS presentation​

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4/13/2016 HTC 77th Annual Installation Celebration
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3/17/2016 HTC Annual Spring Golf Tournament

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12/15/2015 HTC Year End Review with POLB & POLA

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11/5/2015 HTC Annual Litigation Presentation
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10/22/2015 HTC Annual Fall Golf Tournament

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8/20/2015 Presentations from August 20 Security Meeting

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6/30/2015 Cargomatic: Is it the plan for the future? Presentation

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5/21/2015 May 21 2015 Meeting Presentation

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4/2/2015 HTC Installation Celebration High atop the Sky Room Restaurant
11/19/2014 HTC Annual Legal Review

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9/25/2014 HTC Annual Fall Tournament

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9/11/2014 FMC Chairman Mario Cordero addresses the HTC

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3/26/2014 HTC Annual Installation Dinner

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2/6/2014 HTC Annual Winter Tournament

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11/14/2013 HTC Annual Litigation Update
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8/22/2013 HTC Summer Golf Tournament

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6/20/2013 Mid Year Reivew Meeting Presentations

Port of Los Angeles  Port of Long Beach

3/14/2013 HTC Annual Installation Dinner

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2/21/2013 CARB Presentation Meeting

David Cunkelman, Air pollution Specialist

1/17/2013 HTC Annual Winter Golf Tournament

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11/15/2012 Cameron Roberts Presentation-Litigation update

Litigation update Presentation

6/14/2012 HTC Annual Peak Season Panel Discussion

Event Photographs

Photos by: Altchech Photography     Web posting by: WZI Worldwide

1/26/2012 HTC Annual Winter Golf Tournament

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12/8/2011 Annual Year-In-Review Meeting


11/17/2011 Understanding the Clean Truck Litigation...Part III

Full Presentation

9/15/2011 HTC Annual Harbor Cruise

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6/16/2011 HTC Future Programs Review

HTC Programs preview

4/8/2011 HTC 2011 Installation Gala

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2/3/2011 HTC Annual Winter Golf Tournament

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10/14/2010 CERT Emergency Preparedness Seminar

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3/12/2010 HTC 2010 Installation Gala

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