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2/8/2018 HTC Annual Litigation Program

Cameron Roberts, attorney with Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP will address the HTC members and their guests.  His program addresses the impact of supply chain disruption and the financial insolvency of steamship lines, etc. on motor carriers, warehouses, and other parties providing services to facilitate the inland leg. “Surviving Supply Chain Disruption and Financial Insolvency - Lessons learned from Hanjin"

  • Steamship lines continue to consolidate, and U.S. retailers are at an increased risk of insolvency

  • Hanjin claims are expected to pay two cents on the dollar

  • Expectations are high but are you prepared to weather a gathering storm if freight rates collapse and ocean carriers default on terminals, motor, and rail carriers?

  • What if your biggest retail customer does not meet revenue expectations?

  • How to protect your hard earned profit?

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